Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC)

The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) approach is a basic numerical method
employed for the study of rarefied gas flows by using a discrete set of a finite number of
simulators (particles) modelling the behaviour of the molecules of a real gas.

The web pages are dedicated to DSMC.

The web page is dedicated to the paper “The Correctness of the Simplified Bernoulli Trial (SBT) Collision Scheme of Calculations of Two-Dimensional Flows”, which is considered the idea of a collisional scheme. The collisional scheme is the complicated part of DSMC. The presented considerations and recommendations are related to understanding and proper use of DSMC for the calculation of multidimensional problems using a collision scheme with a small number of particles (Bernoulli Trial-based schemes). The paper investigated the Simplified Bernoulli Trial (SBT) collisional scheme.